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Dive Into the New Age of Specialized Transportation 

Our Services

Cloud -Based NEMT Technologies

Our NEMT software is able to provide automated scheduling, real-time dispatching (same-day transports), credential verification, various rider history reports, and client notification through text and our application. Our expanding state-wide network allows us to reduce dead miles and reduce the additional costs that are passed on to our vendors. 

Fleet Utilization Technology + Our Network

To optimize our fleets flexibility during various hours of the day. We work with a network of qualified commercial transportation providers and independent contractors to allow extensive scaling during high demand hours of the day. Additionally, our sister company provides a 24/7 state-wide fleet ensuring 120% fleet capacity for optimal supply levels at all times of the day. 

Versatility in Rider Application

Our Apache Rider Portal allows you to easily book, manage, and cancel transports for ONGOING or ONE-TIME trips.  Healthcare and private entities have easy access to same-day and upcoming trips to prevent any clients from having missed trips. The clients trip status, pick/drop off details, ETA, and vehicle information is accessible at all times. Reminders are integrated within our portal to avoid any type of disruption for members needing ONGOING medical treatment.  

Full Customer Experience Service and Fraud Prevention

Our software tools are able to monitor, prevent, resolve any form of Fraud, Waste, or Abuse (FWA) patterns that could possibly be occurring. This information is based off trip real time locations, driver behaviors, statistically information, and client satisfaction reports for all transports. Our intelligent AI is able to constantly monitor routes, miles, times, and locations that drivers chose. Our goal is to provide members with the safest and most efficient routes to their appointments. 

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

Apache providers different ways that our partners can integrate within our trusted NEMT ecosystem. 

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